Accounting: Business Basics

About the workshop

Delivered with the support of City of Parramatta, this workshop is intended for those who are planning to start their small business or perhaps a micro business and need some basic idea about a small businss from accounting points of view. Whilst not a comprehensive accredited program, this workshop will, at least, help you make your first step into the world of small business, understand the difference between a hobby and a business, business structures and relevant legislations.

Learning outcomes

Starting a small business:

  • the difference between a hobby and a business
  • what to do if your hobby turns into a business
  • the most common business structures and the registrations you may need to be in business

Planning your regular financial commitments:

  • Includes an easy-to-follow five-step process to stay on top of your regular financial commitments.
  • Learn to identify business activities that trigger financial responsibilities as well as practical help to plan for and meet your future commitments.

Learning strategy

This workshop will be delivered in a classroom environemtn led by an industry expert. The total duration of the workshop is 2 hours covering the above learning outcomes through theories and business case analysis.

Assessment strategy

As this workshop is non-accredited in nature, there will be no assessments involved.


The presenter for this workshop will be from CIB Leading Accountants & Business Advisers

Venue information

The workshop will be delivered at Western Sydney Skills Hub of the Parramatta College on Level 2, Suite 34, 410 Church St, North Parramatta, NSW 2151

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.