BSB30120 Certificate III in Business (Administration)

About the course

Designed for those who wish to work in office administrative role, this course covers all aspects of office administration from customer service to accounts payable and receivable. 6 core and 7 elective units to be completed. Delivered in classroom environment at North Parramatta, this course can be a perfect starting point if you are looking for a career change. RPL available. BSB30120 Certificate III in Business (Administration) will be awarded on successful completion of all units.

Computer usage is provided in the classroom for reference to internet sites and templates. To gain the full qualification you will need to satisfactorily complete all the units listed below including all required assessments and other evidence requirements. Where a learner does not satisfactorily complete the full qualification, a Statement of Attainment will be issued for those units that have been satisfactorily completed.

This qualification will be delivered in a classroom environment by a qualified industry skilled trainer at Western Sydney Skills Hub at North Parramatta. Address – 410 Church St, Level 3, Suite 34, North Parramatta, NSW 2151. Please note that classes may not be available when you are reading this course description but the college still encourages the potential candidates to register their interest by joining the waiting list (available at the bottom of this page).

NSW Govt Funding

NSW Govt funding may be available for the eligible candidates. Please visit to do a preliminary check of your eligibility. Alternatively, you can complete the application form available on this link: and send it to us via email to

Please do not enrol online if you find yourself eligible for NSW Govt subsidy. Just send us the completed enrolment form (, a copy of your Centrelink Statement if you receive Commonwealth Welfare benefit and a copy of your photo ID. We will then let you know how much subsidy you are entitled to. Alternatively you can check your eligibility on

BSB30120 – Certificate III in Business (Administration) may also be available on full subsidy or fee free under Skilling for Recovery funding (subject to the availability of funding) for eligible candidates. Apart from meeting the normal Smart and Skilled eligibility criteria, students enrolling under Skilling for Recovery must meet one of the following criteria:

• A young person aged 17 to 24 at commencement of training, regardless of employment status, including Year 12 School leavers
• A person who is a recipient of a Commonwealth Government welfare benefit as specified in the Smart and Skilled Fee Administration Policy
• An unemployed person
• An employed person who is at risk of losing their job, for example:

• Stood down/Jobkeeper/furloughed employee: Employee that has been stood down or employee for whom employer has JobKeeper arrangement in place and at risk of becoming unemployed. Requires upskilling or reskilling for new role and employment elsewhere. • Person returning to work (employed for 6 months or less): employed on condition of receiving training to build capacity and capability for the job role. This would be within the first 6 months of employment. • Low skilled/unskilled employee: Existing employee, with or without relevant skills or previous qualification up to Certificate III, that requires training to upskill to secure ongoing employment or future employment. • Workers in declining industries: Workers at any company in an agreed declining industry (e.g. international travel industry) who require upskilling/reskilling for redeployment.

Selection of units of competency

Core units

BSBCRT311 Apply critical thinking skills in a team environment
BSBPEF201 Support personal wellbeing in the workplace
BSBSUS211 Participate in sustainable work practices
BSBTWK301 Use inclusive work practices
BSBWHS311 Assist with maintaining workplace safety
BSBXCM301 Engage in workplace communication

Elective units

BSBTEC202 Use digital technologies to communicate in a work environment
BSBTEC302 Design and produce spreadsheets
BSBWHS332X Apply infection prevention and control procedures to own work activities
BSBFIN301 Process financial transactions
BSBFIN302 Maintain financial records
BSBOPS303 Organise schedule
BSBHRM416 Process payroll

Delivery strategies

This course is focused on developing skills in office administration and will allow students to gain real experience in the classroom, practice in small groups of up to 15 students, and undertake assessments based on current industry practices. You are expected to attend 180 hours of classroom delivery. It is expected that a full time study load outside the classroom will involve up to 20 hours a week of study. In class delivery includes:

  • Classroom delivery by experienced and industry skilled trainer
  • Simulated in class experience
  • Activities performed in the class
  • Role play as required in a given unit of competency
  • Audio/Video presentation to introduce learners with real life scenarios
  • Self-paced trainer led activities to reinforce, extend and reflect on what has been learnt in the class

Assessment strategies

Assessments for this qualification include both formative and summative assessments in the form of:

  • Direct observation in a simulated work environment by a Trainer/ Assessor of this course
  • Portfolio of evidence assessed by a Trainer/ Assessor of this course. This portfolio would also include workbooks completed at the students' own time,
  • Third-party reports from supervisors or other professional workers at an RTO as required
  • Critical Reflections of work undertaken in demonstrating skills
  • Role plays and workplace simulation exercises where demonstration of skills cannot be achieved within the workplace;
  • Presentation of information in the workplace or in a simulated work environment
  • Written reports; and
  • Knowledge based exercises which demonstrate key knowledge across subjects in the form of quizzes or short answer questions.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you believe you have relevant skills and experience satisfying the competency requirement of this qualification, please consult with your trainer for the possibility of recognition. The trainer will provide you with a clear guideline on the RPL assessments and evidence requirements. You may choose to contact the college prior to enrolment to have a preliminary conversation about your current skills and experience. Please note that applying for RPL may not automatically result in issuing of the qualification or statement of attainment. No refund will be made if the RPL assessment results in a partial qualification or no qualification. However, you have the right to appeal for a review of the RPL decision. Please download a copy of our Student Handbook ( for further information.

Final outcome

Upon successful completion of all the required units of competency, you will be awarded with BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration.

Have more questions to ask?

Please feel free to contact our friendly enrolment officers on 02 9687 2072 to discuss more about the course or send an email to

Assessments are made against units of competency from the Certificate III in Business BSB30120.
  • Participate in sustainable work practices (BSBSUS211)
  • Design and produce spreadsheets (BSBTEC302)
  • Process financial transactions (BSBFIN301)
  • Use digital technologies to communicate in a work environment (BSBTEC202)
  • Organise schedules (BSBOPS303)
  • Engage in workplace communication (BSBXCM301)
  • Process payroll (BSBHRM416)
  • Apply critical thinking skills in a team environment (BSBCRT311)
  • Apply infection prevention and control procedures to own work activities (BSBWHS332X)
  • Maintain financial records (BSBFIN302)
  • Support personal wellbeing in the workplace (BSBPEF201)
  • Assist with maintaining workplace safety (BSBWHS311)
  • Use inclusive work practices (BSBTWK301)

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.