Character and Dialogue Workshop

Great stories are founded in memorable characters and dialogue is one of the most effective tools for making your characters come alive on the page. But why do some writers find dialogue so difficult?

This workshop, suitable for beginners through to more experienced writers, will consider some of the great characters of literature and what techniques their authors have used to make them so unforgettable. We will also read some masterful dramatic exchanges, breaking down the elements of dialogue to understand how great dialogue works to build tension, aid characterisation and reveal the themes of novels.

Award winning author Jo Riccioni will be running this practical workshop

• Memorable characters
• Character wounds and desires
• Negative capability
• Character arcs and transformative moments
• Dialogue and plot
• Dialogue in scenes
• Dialogue and tension
• Dialogue toolbox

Students will need to bring a pencil and some paper

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.