Criminal Law for Non Lawyers

Delve into the fascinating world of criminal law.
So you love real crime – you’ve binged on the podcasts and it’s all interrupting your dreams. Come along and hear how the courts really deal with criminal law, what they are looking for and the principles that underpin the courts' reasonings.
In this hands-on course you will be presented with hairy conundrums that can make you squirm. Come and test your ideas against the others and see who can come up with the answers.

Whether you are just curious to know more about how the legal system works, or plan a career in law, this course will give you an overview of the criminal law system in NSW. This course will also give you an insight into how the courts make their decisions and will help you better understand crime as it is reported in the media.

As well, get the opportunity to discuss your own take on the justice system, and whether it truly serves justice!

Topics covered will include:

Lesson 1: Introduction to criminal law
• Brief introduction to reading law
• Criminal statistics, social standing, and politics

Lesson 2: Defining crime
• General concepts and principles of crime
• Components of criminal offences

Lesson 3: Defining crime, continued
• Criminal responsibility
• Corporate crime

Lesson 4: Liability and defences
• General defences; insanity, automatism, provocation, self defence, duress
• Attempts and complicity

Lesson 5: The judicial system
• Sentences and penalties; murder, public order, obscene behaviour, prostitution, vagrancy, mistake
• The role of the Police

Lesson 6: The judicial system, continued
• Appeals
• Onus and burdens of proof
• Gathering evidence and commencing proceedings

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • It was informative but also entertaining and kept my attention. Monica was knowledgeable and friendly. I would happily take a law class with her again.
  • The trainer was well versed on the subject matter