English in Australia for Beginners Parramatta College

English in Australia for Beginners

Course Information

English is the primary language in Australia and therefore required in every workplace and educational institution. This course is for people with very low English skills and need to take it to the next level up for work or further study in Australia. You can study:

  • Vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills for work
  • Conversation skills
  • Basic reading and writing skills

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Learning strategies

You will learn through different methods which include but not limited to

  • face to face interactions with the tutor
  • Role play
  • Case studies
  • Audio visual
  • Practical excercises

Minimum Number of Enrolments

A course will be cancelled if we do not have the required minimum number of enrolments four working days before the course starts. Most courses need 8 people enrolled for the course to run. If you delay in enrolling in a course then there is the chance that it will be cancelled due to low numbers.

Further information

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to ring Esther Kelly on 02 96872072 or email at admin@parramattacollege.edu.au.