Torch Fire Enamel Beads

Make your own enamel beads in this fun and experimental workshop. Using metal beads you will be coating them in enamel and torch firing.

This workshop introduces a variety of surface techniques such as stencils, Sgraffito, sift & dump, adding glass to the surface, adding metal fragments and pushing the boundaries of the properties of enamels, metals and glass.

The focus of this class will be an exploration of the theory of enameling in a hands on directed way: metals, including metal preparation, different firing techniques, different surface treatments and finishing will be explored. Traditional and non-traditional enameling techniques will be covered. No Concession.

This is a LOW TECH – HIGH IMPACT class, be prepared for a full day of enamel adventures. At the end of it you will have created vibrant coloured beads.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.