Events Management

Learn how to manage your events at work and/or at home. Do you have a flair for organising? Do you find yourself running all your family functions, community/school events or special events in your workplace? Would you like to improve the impact and delivery of your events? Or, are you already working in an area where you believe you have the skills required to run events and take on more responsibility but are not sure where to start? In Event Management Essentials, we will focus on the creative development of a variety of events, looking at where you source the resources needed to make your events stand out. You will also develop documentation to help you manage the process. Essentially practical, the course is filled with interesting activities and exercises to enhance your present skills regardless of your previous experience and expertise. Simone Parrott was the executive producer for Tina Arena in Concert and Jose Carreras in Concert and Michael Parkinson events.

During this course the intention is that the following topics will be covered, but not necessarily in the order given. Due to the variable nature of Adult Education classes, parts of the curriculum may be adapted to suit the needs of the class.

Event types – Corporate, Government and Community
How to develop an event including theming, entertainment/speakers, catering and venue/site selection
Identify the elements of an event and how to incorporate them
Marketing, promotion, sponsorship and ticketing
Finance, contracting, insurance and risk assessment
Staffing and personnel
Skill development – the planning and organising process
Implementation, including the development of documentation to be used in the running of your events, big and small
Shutdown and evaluation processes

The intended Learning Outcomes for this course are as follows.

By the end of the course the student will be able to:

Develop events based on existing briefs, as well as devising own creative concepts incorporating a number of event elements
Use Event Management techniques – know how to plan, organise and implement corporate, government and/or community events
Develop own Event Management documentation and tools for the running of each event, as well as evaluate for improved future delivery

Other Information
Please bring with you a notepad and writing utensils.
No Discounts.

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