More Gardening

This course has been primarily designed for those students who have already completed the ‘Gardening and Landscaping’ course offered by The Parramatta College. It has been planned to extend the knowledge gained in the former course. However beginners are welcome also. There are to be more garden visits and ‘rambles’ where participants should gain ideas for the design and the use of plants in the landscape. There will be a more ‘hands on’ experience than in the former course where students learn proper ways of selecting, planting and maintaining a garden.

• Basic garden design principles
• Landscaping improvements
• Recognition & selection of plant materials
• Carry our proper pruning & shaping of plants
• Carry out plant hygiene techniques

• Students able to produce a plan of their garden
• Indicate on plan improvements to a home garden
• Students should be able to recognise a wide range of suitable plant materials
• Carry out the improvements to a home garden
• Carry out basic maintenance and plant hygiene in the home garden

To be reasonably fit as there is some walking and also a bit of physical exercise involved in the course.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.