Grant Writing Workshop

H1. Grants Writing Workshop – 3 hours

This is the ideal, practical, writing a grant workshop for any organization seeking to attain funding by applying for grants. This workshop will encourage the writer to develop, direct and edit creative ideas in addition to giving an invaluable guidance on how to present work for submission.
This is an insightful and informative step-by-step grant writing workshop for grant writers. Aimed at first-time writers and those looking for guidance on the grant writing process, this workshop acts as an important introduction to the world of philanthropy, grant-making and grant-seeking. The workshop will use grants from both public and private sector as case studies and discuss how to apply successfully for a grant using certain proven techniques.
The workshop is ideal for people new to writing grants and will help them effective and efficiently write a better application.

H1. Course Content

  • Project Budget
  • Evaluation
  • Methodology
  • Planning to write your Grant Application
  • Grant Jargon
  • Acquittal of Grant
  • Practical Grants Writing Tips
  • Examples of Public & Private Sector Grants
  • Project Plan
  • The Sustainability of your Grant Application
  • Community Capacity Building & Your Grant Application

H1. Workshop Outcomes

Upon completion of this grant writing workshop, it is expected participants will have:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the Local Government Grants Writing Process
  • Knowledge and understanding of Grant Writing Principles that will help them with future City of Sydney Grant Applications

H1. About your Trainer Keith Whelan

Keith Whelan is an expert in Business communication, an area he has developed over the years working with large public and private organisations like NSW Health, Caltex Australia and ADCO advertising. Specialising in grants, tenders and funding consultancy, Keith has also consulted with and taught at a number of universities such as ANU Canberra, University of Adelaide, University of Sydney, UTS, University of Newcastle and Macquarie University and presently works with a number of companies across Australia in developing their respective Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies, Social Enterprise and Social Procurement strategies.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.