Heal Your Hurt

Unresolved emotional issues can hold us back in life. The unresolved emotions drain our mental energy and we may feel “stuck”. This NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) based course will help you to let go of your old emotional issues so that you can move on. No Discount.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this workshop participants will have:

• identified the sources of hurt in their lives;
• changed the limiting beliefs that they hold about themselves to more resourceful ones;
• established and appropriate psychological boundary between themselves and others;
• learnt some NLP techniques for use any time they need them;
• let go of negative emotions which hold them back;
• experienced a number of different NLP techniques.

Methods Used
The workshop will be based on adult-learning principles and will be interactive. A series of NLP techniques will be used. Where appropriate, participants will be taught NLP techniques for use at home.

The workshop will cover:
• a brief explanation of what NLP is and how it works;
• a range of NLP techniques for shifting old emotions;
• creating appropriate boundaries between themselves and others;
• a look at universal human needs and their importance in our lives;
• being in an empowered position and looking at situations from different perspectives;
• setting goals for the future.

NLP utilises participants beliefs, values and decisions, and so a fundamental part of the workshop will be discussing these things with participants. NLP techniques include things such as brief, guided visualisations, the use of story-telling (metaphor) and a range of other techniques.

Our patient and caring tutor Toni Payne runs a range of workshops, including this one, based on NLP principles.
Student comments from her courses have included:

"Toni was most enjoyable."
“Informative and interactive.”
"It helped me gain perspective and supplied tools to work with."

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.