Interior Design - Introduction

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Learn how to Create Your Mood and Find Your Style.

Planning to redecorate or simply refresh a living space or complete property? If you are interested in understanding and being confident with your own style, as well as being able to create a mood within your space, then this two day workshop is for you.

You will gain a solid base of knowledge in designing your own home interior, saving time and avoiding costly mistakes.
You will learn the basics of putting together colour schemes with skill and confidence.

Through a mixture of theory and practical activities, you will take away some key elements of Interior Design, including basic colour theory, pattern & texture, lighting, spatial layouts and an overview of different design styles to use in your own space.
You will prepare a mood board on your selected space.

This two day workshop is a mix of theory and practical exercises. It includes:
• Selecting and applying a successful Colour palette for your home, through gaining an understanding of colour theory.
• We will address and understand how to confidently mix more than one pattern in one space.
• Lighting and spatial layout of furniture is a fundamental component to creating your interior.
• Learn about different design styles – some historic, such as Art Deco, and some geographic such as Scandinavian, and will end with reviewing some of today’s trends.
• Prepare a mood board that covers a selected space in your own home for you to apply later.

• By attending this workshop you will be able to make more educated decisions on purchases for your own home, including furnishings, accessories, fabrics, wall materials and colour etc., and in turn this will reduce the chance of making costly mistakes in purchasing.
• You will also learn how to stay on your own “Style Highway” ensuring a consistent approach to your interiors is applied.
• Most of all you will go home with greater confidence in your own style and the knowledge of how to successfully create specific moods in the individual areas of your home.

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Course testimonials:

  • I thought Fiona Barry was extremely lovely, thorough, professional and didn't leave a single element of interior design out. I didn't expect the course to be so thorough. It was extremely well presented and Fiona's teaching really enjoyable. I would recommend the course to anyone. Thank you.