Languages - Arabic Stage 2

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This course is designed for those students who have completed stage 1 Arabic or already know beginners Arabic and wish to learn more of the language.

The course will assist students in understanding the importance of basic communication skills and basic Arabic literature. Each lesson will be split into two sessions. Session one will be focusing on theory and the second session will be practical.

The tutor will teach students basic Arabic grammar, sentence structure, feminine and masculine rules and conversations. The tutor will go over the Arabic alphabet and its position in a word (beginning, middle, end) and short/long vowels. Students will learn how to translate Arabic paragraphs and write simple sentences. Students will have the opportunity to learn the Arabic letters on the key board along with practice typing in Arabic.

The learning environment is a fun and relaxed one, however a focused one. Great course for business travellers or for those working in the hospitality and tourism industries, or for leisure travelers. You will learn Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).

• Dialogue – different scenarios for students to take part in.
• Basic Arabic grammar: long vowels and short vowels, verbs, masculine and feminine words and when used in a sentence.
• Spelling and reading of common words.
• Sentence structure and writing
• Translation
• Letter positioning in words
• Typing in Arabic
• Learning the positions of the Arabic letters on the keyboard
• Revision of the Arabic letters and numbers

By the end of the 8-week course students should be able to:

• Have a basic conversation in Arabic
• Understand the basic Arabic grammar
• Read simple and common Arabic words used in students work area.
• Read a short story in Arabic
• Write a sentence in Arabic and understand the sentence structure.
• Translate simple words from Arabic to English
• Recognize where certain letters should be positioned in a word.
• Know the position of the letters on a key board and begin to type words on the computer.
• Know all the Arabic alphabet and numbers.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.