Lean Six Sigma for Productivity Improvement Parramatta College

Lean Six Sigma for Productivity Improvement

This course is designed for supervisors and managers responsible for a business unit where there is a need to streamline processes and/or enhance productivity. The aim of the course is to provide attendees with foundation skills in the use of lean techniques (methods of reducing error and duplication of processes) and the development of a lean improvement plan for an office environment. While some discussion of production processes will occur, the course is targeted at an office environment in the context of business management.

Topics covered in this course:

  • What is lean?
  • Lean in service environments
  • Lean underpinning principles
  • Lean deployment and operationalization
  • Charter management
  • Value management
  • Pull systems
  • Push systems
  • Implementation issues
  • Documentation and development
  • Case studies

The learning outcomes for the course include:

  • A better understanding of what processes are considered wasteful or duplicating in nature
  • How to assess your organisations quality systems position
  • How to commence the development of a lean plan
  • How to monitor and develop the implementation of lean, six sigma and kaizen techniques in a business environment
  • What types of documents to produce and how to manage stakeholders involved in the lean process?

Delivery strategy:

The course will be delivered in a face to face trainer led environment and includes the provision of the following materials:

  • PowerPoint slides in hard copy
  • Sample template planning sheet

Target Audience:

The course is suitable for mid-level supervisors, managers and business owners interested in enhancing the productivity and quality of business operations through the use of lean techniques and a range of quality management plans.

Trainer profile

Christopher Alan Baker

Chris Baker is a change leader with a passion for assisting organisations of all types to improve their productivity.
After winning awards for business development and lean process improvement, Chris established his own consulting practice, Kallista Consulting, in 2006.
Since then, his success in deploying lean process improvement techniques to motivate teams and deliver improvements in quality, delivery and cost have seen his company continue to grow. Chris’s client base now includes The Australian Taxation Office, The Australian Federal Police, Department of Human Services, The Department of Immigration, The Department of Communication, The Bendigo Bank, Honeywell and Downer EDI Rail, to name a few.

Further information

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