Languages - German mixed levels - Level 3 and up

For continuing (completed German 2) and advanced students. This will be a small class so the tutor can cater for different levels. Great course for those wishing to communicate better with relatives and friends. Speaking, reading, listening and writing, vocabulary and introduction/review of basic grammar rules to communicate with confidence in simple real life situations. Course will include audio-listening to dialogues and songs in German – as well as short videos to watch and to discuss.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • An easy approach to learning German (which is not an easy language to learn). Wiebke is friendly and encourages us to participate. This is my third German course at Parramatta College (with her) and I think I understand the reason why the two levels have to be mixed. I enjoyed the mixed level class last year more because we did 'fun things' (reading and there was a lesson on a song). This class went into the cases in more detail (the less fun stuff) - I take it because it's just necessary to move further into learning the language.