Murder by the Prosecution – Updates on Cases and More Wrongful Convictions

Back by popular demand: author, journalist, and TV presenter, Andrew L. Urban, author of Murder by the Prosecution, Andrew will give us the latest instalment in his series about wrongful convictions in Australia.

Andrew, well known as the face of classic SBS series “Front Up”, has become a passionate crusader for justice reform. Having come across so many cases of innocent people spending years, sometimes decades, behind bars for crimes they did not commit, Andrew felt compelled to write a book about it. Exposing the flaws in our legal system which led to such miscarriages of justice, Andrew is concerned there are more victims of injustice.

Most topical is the Robert Xie case. Xie, known as the murderer behind the infamously horrific Lin Family massacre, recently appealed his conviction. On February 15, 2021, his appeal was dismissed. Xie’s case is controversial, not just because it took four trials to convict him (his first two trials were aborted, and the third ended in a hung jury), but also when he was finally convicted on the fourth attempt it was still not unanimous. Instead it was an 11-1 majority verdict. Allowing such majority verdicts for murder is a recent development in our legal system, and some states do not allow them.

Author, journalist, and TV presenter, Andrew L. Urban. Pictured to the right of Andrew are some of the infamous cases he examines.

So, did the court get it right, or is the Xie case another of wrongful conviction? Andrew will outline the evidence in the Xie case, and his own thoughts on it, which are also the subject of his latest, soon to be released, book.

In addition to the Xie case, Andrew will giving us the latest update on the trials he discussed at his last session, which were the focus of his last book, Murder by the Prosecution. One such case is that of Tasmanian Sue Neill-Fraser. Despite growing outrage amongst Tasmanians, and a 60 minutes program exposing the problems and scandals around her trial, Sue Neill-Fraser remains incarcerated, awaiting another appeal. Andrew will give us the latest update.

Please note, all opinions expressed by the author are his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Parramatta College.

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