Plan and prepare for work readiness BSBPEF101 Parramatta College

Plan and prepare for work readiness BSBPEF101

About the course

This unit BSBPEF101 Plan and prepare for work readiness defines the skills and knowledge required to identify and document current skills and plan future skills development with support and supervision. This course applies to individuals who are preparing to work in a wide range of work settings.

What I will learn

This course will provide the skills and knowledge required to

  1. Identify future work goals including identifying industry, organisation or prioritise personal work goals, skill requirements etc.
  2. Assess own skills including assessing current skills, knowledge, work goals, seek advice on further skills development needs etc.
  3. Prepare portfolio of evidence which will demonstrate their competence in skills developments.


Whilst there are no prerequisites for this course, it is expected that you have adequate language, literacy and numeracy skills, good internet and computer skills to be able to interact with peers, trainers and completing assessments using a computer.

Course Content

The skill set consists of below units of competency:

• BSBPEF101 Plan and prepare for work readiness.

Delivery Strategies

It will be delivered online self-paced completion of tasks for a thorough understanding of the competency requirements and to prepare for the assessments.

Assessment strategies

Assessments will be conducted in both summative and formative manner to ensure the candidate can perform in accordance with the standard detailed in the relevant Training Package. Assessment strategies may include knowledge questions, projects, Role Play, case study analysis, Observations etc.

Resource Requirements

Learner manuals will be provided at no further cost than the course fee. This course requires the use of computer and internet either in the classroom or at the students’ home or workplace to research the relevant legislations, industry standards and to develop relevant workplace documents.

What if I find that the course is not suitable for me?

Once you have commenced your study, you cannot cancel your enrolment. Therefore, we strongly advise you to read the course information, especially who will benefit from this course, the units of competency covered and delivery and assessment strategies. Our enrolment and refund policy is available in our Student Handbook. You can access the Student Handbook by visiting our website or you can contact us on 02 96872072 or email to for a copy of the Student Handbook.

How much work is involved in completing the course?

Please note assessments for this course involve some work both during and after the sessions. 2 to 4 hours of study is expected every week. You will have maximum of two attempts to submit your assessments. If you are considered Not Yet Competent after the second submission with significant gaps prevailing in your submissions, you may be asked to re-enrol into the course.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you believe you already have skills and experience relevant to the competencies of this course, please let the trainer know for a recognition. Please note that applying for RPL may not automatically result in the issuing of the skill set. In case of any gaps found, you will be advised of those gaps and asked to provide further evidence against your RPL claim. If you are still considered Not Yet Competent (NYC), you may be offered a tutorial for those gaps, which will incur further cost.

Competency Outcome

On successful completion of all required assessments, a Statement of Attainment will be issued form Certificate II in Workplace Skills BSB20120.


The units of competency will provide credit towards Certificate II in Workplace Skills BSB20120.

More information

Should you require further information, please feel free to contact our office on 02 96872072 or email to

Assessments are made against units of competency from the Local skill set Statement of Attainment in Workplace Skills (Plan and Prepare for Work Readiness) SG00008026.
  • Plan and prepare for work readiness (BSBPEF101)

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