Tech Savvy Seniors Learn Zoom Video calling - Part 1 - VIRTUAL ONLINE CLASSROOM via Zoom

Zoom is software that allows you to make and receive video calls. It has become popular due to its ease of use. In Part 1 we will be showing you how to make and receive a video call.

Please note as this session will actually be held via Zoom if you have never used Zoom before you may need a friend or relative to assist you to join this first session, once that is done and you have joined the video class then the tutor will show you how to join Zoom calls in the future.

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*Seniors are those aged 60 years and above, or Aboriginal seniors aged from 50 years

PLEASE NOTE: This is a Virtual Online classroom course, which will be run via Zoom video calling.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • Great online environment, friendly participants. Excellent Tutor, very happy with the course, look forward to participating next term..
  • It’s social, and builds social skills in an easygoing atmosphere. Almost as an accident, the actual tech skills are picked up at the same time. For this reason the course notes are essential, if you miss something. It’s a bit slow but that’s OK, it’s free and you learn that these type of skills can’t be learned in isolation from the social aspect. After the course I made a zoom call to 4 family members, and felt really confident. They called me clever clogs which if you new them, is a compliment!
  • Really I had a wonderful time... maybe too short!!! Just 30 more min would help more students integration!!! We learn so much even if it was not the first time to use the platform!!!! I had confirmed many issues I was not sure ....and I had seen the picture of what was the use Of it, a lot more clear. Hope part 2 will give Me more tricks to use and Improve communication. We already have the encouragement to keep going!!! Thank you Dianne, thank you Parramatta College!!!!! Being 75 y o, and being at home, even having my husband with a difficult health condition, on line courses are the solution to many people in my situation, not only for this pandemic, but for the years to come!!!!! Thank you again!!!