Hot Hula Dance Fitness INTRO - VIRTUAL ONLINE CLASSROOM via Zoom

This is a one-off introductory, interactive session. Have some fun and get fit learning some Hot Hula Dance Fitness moves in our virtual online classroom. Get your social interaction fix with our tutor and other students, and get a taste of what our courses are like.

We’ve chosen Zoom video call technology to set up the classroom as it’s easy for students to use (though we can explain it to you if you need help).

Watch our tutor Tonga demonstrate this fun new style!

You don’t need any software to participate, we simply email you a link before the class starts which enables you to join the Zoom video call.


  • A computer with a web cam/microphone/speakers
  • OR a smart device, such as an ipad, iphone, or other smart phone/tablet.

If you are confused about this please ask our friendly staff who can guide you further.


  • Comfortable clothes to dance in (no shoes needed). Or you can just watch as the tutor demonstrates to get a taste for the course.

So get some social interaction as well as learn some fun new skills! Also gives you a chance to try out Zoom!

If you enjoy this Taster session you might wish to enrol for our longer Hot Hula Dance Fitness course which starts soon and is also on our website.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.