Viking Weave Necklace or Bracelet

Woven wire chains, commonly called Viking Knit, Chain Knitting, Wire Weaving and Trichinopoly have been found at archaeological digs across Scandinavia. The earliest dates from the 4th Century BC. These chains were used as necklaces, earrings, hat pins and trims for clothing, as well as plates and platters.

This amazing weaving style developed along with wire making techniques, and today you don’t have to make your own wire to create something gorgeous. Using craft wire and a little patience, this short course will teach you how to set up a Viking Wire mandrel, how to weave single, double (and triple!) thread, and how to professionally finish off your work.

Leave it rustic or give it a little edge with different clasps, and be amazed at how easy this wonderful jewellery style is to make.

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.