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Alexander Technique

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The Alexander Technique is a simple and practical method for improving co-ordination, poise and vitality. By encouraging a more thoughtful and less reactive response to the world, it can address unhelpful habits of tension and collapse that can cause or aggravate many health problems, and which keep us from living and performing to our full potential.

This course will introduce you to the Alexander Technique and how it can help change these habits. Firstly you can discover how you may be unnecessarily tensing or collapsing when sitting, standing and walking. By giving you an experience of moving in a new and more efficient way, you will begin to learn to change your old habitual way of doing things. This will then be applied to more complex movements. You will also be given a means to practice this for yourself after the course, to enable you to carry on improving.

Students will learn:
• What the Alexander Technique is, its aims and ideas.
• A basic history of the Technique including how and why it was developed, and a brief introduction on the man who developed it.
• To recognise unnecessary habits when sitting, standing and walking.
• To then apply the technique to perform these movements (sitting, standing and walking) in a more efficient way.
• To apply the technique to more complicated movements – this depends on the people involved and their specific suggestions, but can include bending, singing, lifting, running, etc.
• How to rest in a constructive way which will help let go of tension without collapsing and over-relaxing.

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Course testimonials:

  • Everything! The teacher explained and showed all the benefits of Alexander technique and how to apply it in your everyday life