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      • Aquafitness for over 50's

        EARLY BIRD FEES apply for some courses!

        Increase your fitness and feeling of well being in a very sociable atmosphere with Aerobic type movements. We use a shallow pool, heated to 32 degrees during winter (lower during hot weather). So you’ll be nice, safe and cosy. And our tutor is patient and friendly, with plenty of experience.

        {image name:“parramattacollegeAquafitnessOver50sCourse”}

        The heated water supports your body and is gentle on the joints and muscles. Both beginners and advanced participants are welcome.

        {image name:“parramattacollegeAquafitnessCoursePoolSchool”}
        Above is a photo of the venue and the pool we use.

        Health Fund Rebate
        Did you know there is a possibility that you can get a rebate from your private health fund if you do one of our fitness or health related courses?

        Some health funds will give you a rebate for exercise programs or health management programs that your doctor has prescribed to address or improve a specific medical condition. The health fund may ask you if the provider of the exercise program is qualified, the answer is that all of our tutors have either qualifications and or experience in the field in which they teach. Your medical practitioner may also be required to fill out a form provided by your health fund. Also it will depend on your level of coverage with your health fund.

        Additionally the rules vary between health funds, therefore you would need to check with your health fund as to your eligibility, and also ask them what documentation they require.

      • Languages - German Intermediate Stage
        This class is for students who are at intermediate level of German and wish to learn more. This will be a small class so the tutor can cater for different levels. Great course for those wishing to communicate better with relatives and friends. Speaking, reading, listening and writing, vocabulary and introduction/review of basic grammar rules to communicate with confidence in simple real life situations. Course will include audio-listening to dialogues and songs in German – as well as short videos to watch and to discuss.
      • Microsoft Office Basics

        About the course

        Acquire a basic understanding and become productive using Word, Excel and Outlook. After completing this course (or if you have similar experience) you may progress to one of our Intermediate courses. The course will focus on the following learning outcomes:

        Microsoft Word:

        • work with the basic features of Word
        • create a new document
        • find the information you need in Help
        • work with a document
        • select and work with text in a document
        • cut and copy information within and between documents
        • use a range of font formatting techniques
        • format paragraphs
        • work effectively with features that affect the page layout of your document
        • create and modify tables
        • print a document

        Microsoft Excel:

        • create a new workbook
        • open and navigate within workbooks and worksheets
        • understand and work with ranges in a worksheet
        • understand, create and work with formulas and functions used to perform calculations
        • copy and paste data in Excel
        • understand and use formula cell referencing to create more complex formulas
        • use font formatting techniques to greatly enhance the look of a worksheet
        • align the contents of cells in a number of ways
        • format rows and columns in a worksheet
        • understand and use the number formatting features in Excel
        • print your workbook data
        • create effective charts in Microsoft Excel

        Microsoft Outlook:

        • Work with the Ribbon, Tabs, Groups, and Commands.
        • Work with the Backstage View (FILE MENU).
        • Set up accounts and work with messages.
        • Work with calendars and contacts.

        Delivery method and resources required

        This course will be delivered face to face classroom-based facilitation with a qualified and skilled trainer. Please note that this is a basic course and not Nationally Accredited and therefore, you won’t receive a Statement of Attainment. However, on successful completion of the full course, you will receive an attendance certificate. After completing this course, you may wish to enrol into the accredited programs such as Introduction to Word, Excel Introduction or Intermediate, Excel Pivot Table, Excel Formulas and Functions etc.

        Further information

        Should you require further information, please feel free to ring our enrolment office on 02 96872072 or email to admin@parramattacollege.com.au.

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