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      • Coffee Making - Barista Skills

        This course will now be delivered at the college!

        Work as a barista. This course covers all basic espresso coffee making techniques. Designed to teach individuals the art of making the perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte. Fantastic for beginners with plenty of one on one teaching. Delivered by experienced trained industry professionals. Practical hands on training. No Concession. Please note: As this is a 1-day workshop, you cannot enrol on the day of the course. No Concession.

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        Whether you're a coffee lover looking to upgrade your skills or a passionate beginner eager to learn the art of barista, this course is designed to ignite your coffee-making journey. Get ready to explore the world of espresso, master the art of milk texturing, and craft a variety of delectable coffees from the typical café menu.

        Who is this course for? Anyone! This non-accredited program is the perfect introduction to the coffee-making craft. Whether you want to become the go-to barista at home using your own coffee machine or kickstart a career in the dynamic hospitality industry, our course is the perfect starting point. 

        By the end of this 1-day workshop, you'll be equipped with a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge to create exceptional coffees with confidence. From efficient workflows to coffee equipment mastery, you'll dive into the intricacies of coffee presentation, cleaning, and maintenance. Discover the secrets of selecting the perfect coffee beans, become a pro at milk stretching, and learn the art of flawless milk pouring. But wait, there's more! We're not just stopping at the classics. 

        Are you ready to unleash your inner barista? Enrol in our Barista Skills course today and embark on a coffee adventure like no other. Get ready to impress your friends, family, and future coffee aficionados with your exceptional coffee-making abilities!

        Hurry, limited spots available! Don't miss out on this caffeinated journey of flavour and creativity.


      • Languages - Arabic Stage 1

        EARLY BIRD FEES apply for some courses!


        This is an introductory Arabic course in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). It is not in dialectal Arabic. The course will begin by providing students with an understanding of the importance of and key areas where Arabic is spoken, and the differences between MSA and dialectal Arabic. Each lesson is basically split into two halves: the first half is focused on acquiring a comprehensive grounding in the Arabic alphabet and numbering system (and by the end of the course students will have learned the entire Arabic alphabet) and learning to identify, reproduce and join the letters; the second half is focused on conversational Arabic for leisure, social, work and family purposes. The tutor will train students to use transliterations (and translations) which aid the learning of conversational Arabic before students have fully acquired the Arabic alphabet. The course will also cover foundational grammatical concepts from which to form basic sentences, enabling students to be well-equipped and confident to progress to higher levels of Arabic. Students will be encouraged to actively participate in oral and written exercises with both the tutor and their classmates. The learning environment is sociable and relaxed, but focused. The course is for absolute beginners. No prior knowledge is required.

        Great course for business travelers or for those working in the hospitality and tourism industries, or for leisure travelers.

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        • Arabic alphabet – alif, baa, taa, thaa etc. (initial, medial, final and independent forms of all letters)
        • Short vowels and diacritical markings: fatHa, kasra, Damma, shadda, sukuun, hamza, laam alif, dagger alif etc.
        • Connecting and non-connecting letters
        • Long vowels – alif, waw, yaa
        • Numbering system (cardinal numbers)
        • Tanween (e.g. double Damma)
        • Greetings and basic conversation e.g. feelings, travel, social
        • Nationalities
        • Addressing people
        • Genders
        • Basic verbs e.g. to study, to write, to understand
        • Discussion of the Middle East and North Africa region e.g. history, dialectal Arabic etc.
        • Difference between al-fusHa and al-aamiyya
        • Nouns and possessive adjectives e.g. ‘my sister’ and 'his house'
        • Noun-adjective construction e.g. ‘the man is tall’ versus ‘the tall man’ versus 'a tall man'
        • IDaafa
        • Sun and moon letters
        • Regular letter-joining training
        • Training in the use of transliterations

        By the end of the 8-week course students should:
        • Be able to read, recognise and reproduce all letters of the Arabic alphabet
        • Have basic skills in writing in Arabic (joining letters)
        • Be able to converse at a basic level in Arabic with friends, family and colleagues
        • Be able to recognise and reproduce basic grammatical structures in Arabic

      • Microsoft Office Basics

        About the course

        Acquire a basic understanding and become productive using Word, Excel and Outlook. After completing this course (or if you have similar experience) you may progress to one of our Intermediate courses. The course will focus on the following learning outcomes:

        Microsoft Word:

        • work with the basic features of Word
        • create a new document
        • find the information you need in Help
        • work with a document
        • select and work with text in a document
        • cut and copy information within and between documents
        • use a range of font formatting techniques
        • format paragraphs
        • work effectively with features that affect the page layout of your document
        • create and modify tables
        • print a document

        Microsoft Excel:

        • create a new workbook
        • open and navigate within workbooks and worksheets
        • understand and work with ranges in a worksheet
        • understand, create and work with formulas and functions used to perform calculations
        • copy and paste data in Excel
        • understand and use formula cell referencing to create more complex formulas
        • use font formatting techniques to greatly enhance the look of a worksheet
        • align the contents of cells in a number of ways
        • format rows and columns in a worksheet
        • understand and use the number formatting features in Excel
        • print your workbook data
        • create effective charts in Microsoft Excel

        Microsoft Outlook:

        • Work with the Ribbon, Tabs, Groups, and Commands.
        • Work with the Backstage View (FILE MENU).
        • Set up accounts and work with messages.
        • Work with calendars and contacts.

        Delivery method and resources required

        This course will be delivered face to face classroom-based facilitation with a qualified and skilled trainer. Please note that this is a basic course and not Nationally Accredited and therefore, you won’t receive a Statement of Attainment. However, on successful completion of the full course, you will receive an attendance certificate. After completing this course, you may wish to enrol into the accredited programs such as Introduction to Word, Excel Introduction or Intermediate, Excel Pivot Table, Excel Formulas and Functions etc.

        Further information

        Should you require further information, please feel free to ring our enrolment office on 02 96872072 or email to admin@parramattacollege.com.au.

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