Languages - German Stage 3 Parramatta College

Languages - German Stage 3

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This course is designed for those who would like to continue on from Stage 2, or have previous German knowledge.
This course furthers grammatical development and extends your verbal skills and understanding through reading, listening to and discussing short texts, films and songs.

This course is specific to Germany, therefore you will be taught conventional German, however it may help you in your travels to Austria also as the dialect of both countries is very similar, but please be aware that the tutor is German and the focus is on Germany in this course.

Modal verbs, separable/inseparable verbs, Present Perfect Tense, prepositions, finding/describing a home/flat/apartment.

Advanced conversations at home/at the shops/workplace etc., ability to retell past events, advanced understanding of German audio and written texts, speaking German more freely and confidently.

Must have completed German Stage 1 & 2 or an equivalent of approx 40 hours of previous German tuition.

Course testimonials:

  • I enjoyed the combination of zoom and face to face interaction and the effective use of the white board.The relaxed friendly style of the tutor provided a non threatening learning environment.
  • The relaxed and inclusive class atmosphere.
  • Wiebke is a fantastic teacher, the learning content she provides is always relevant to our level of understanding. Content is always engaging and Weibke's explanations are always very thorough and easy to understand. Class is always fun and interactive and I look forward to it every week!