Modelling class for teens Parramatta College

Modelling class for teens

PLEASE NOTE: This is a non-accredited course

This is an exciting opportunity for teens to learn a comprehensive set of skills and techniques related to the world of modelling pageantry by experienced beauty pageant queen and former model, Visi Carlyon. She will teach basic to advanced catwalk techniques for modelling and pageantry.

This engaging course is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed in various modelling industries, including fashion, photography, and more.

Throughout the class, students will be exposed to a range of theoretical concepts and practical exercises that cover different aspects of modelling. These may include:
1. Introduction to Modelling: The course will commence with an overview of the modelling industry, its history, and the various career paths available. Students will gain insights into the expectations, demands, and potential opportunities within the field.
2. Runway Techniques: Participants will learn the fundamental skills required for walking confidently and gracefully on the runway. They will receive expert guidance on posture, body positioning, turns, and choreography, enabling them to showcase garments effectively and captivate audiences.
3. Posing and Expressions: Students will delve into the art of posing and conveying emotions through facial expressions and body language. They will explore different poses for fashion shoots, commercial advertising, and editorial work, understanding how to adapt their style to fit specific requirements.
4. Photographic Modelling: This segment of the class will focus on modelling for photography. Participants will learn about lighting, camera angles, composition, and how to collaborate effectively with photographers to achieve desired results. They will also gain an understanding of various genres of modelling, such as editorial, commercial, and lifestyle.
5. Styling and Wardrobe: An essential aspect of modelling is the ability to work with different outfits and styles. Students will gain knowledge about fashion trends, body types, and how to choose and coordinate clothing and accessories for various modelling assignments.
6. Makeup and Grooming: This will introduce students to the basics of makeup application and grooming techniques specific to modelling. They will learn how to enhance their natural features, create different makeup looks, and present themselves professionally during auditions and shoots.
By the end of the modelling class at Parramatta Community College, students will have developed a strong foundation in the principles and techniques of modelling and pageantry. They will have gained practical skills, industry knowledge, and the confidence necessary to pursue a career in modelling, beauty pageants, or simply enjoy the experience as a personal endeavour.

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Modelling class for teens

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