Property Styling for Living and Selling – Intro 1 Parramatta College

Property Styling for Living and Selling – Intro 1

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Want to add value to your property, or just want to refresh your living space? Either way our tutor, an experienced interior designer, will give you tips and tricks to update your home on a budget, and will provide advice on colour palettes, furnishings and accessories. This short workshop, Property Styling 1, is a useful overview of how to style your property. It is followed by more in depth information and tips in Property Styling 2, where we take a journey through each space in a typical residence.

Learn how to create a space that you take pleasure in calling home, or apply your knowledge to adding value for sale.

• Getting organised to make changes.
• Focal Points
• Spatial awareness including space delineation.
• The value of lighting both artificial and natural.
• Colour Schemes, Furnishings, Accessorising.

By the end of the workshop, students should be able to:
• Competently prepare their property either for sale or to live in that is both functional and attractive.
• Understand layout, simplicity and where to place emphasis in a room.
• Understand how lighting effects colour and creating focal points
• Apply techniques to declutter and maintain their home in good working order.

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Course testimonials:

  • Presenter was prepared to get to know the participants and their needs. Small group numbers helped with interaction. Visuals were helpful.