Property Styling for Living and Selling – 2

Enrol in both Property Styling Part 1 and Part 2 and receive a DISCOUNT! See below

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Following on from Property Styling for Living & Selling – Intro 1 workshop, we will take a more detailed journey through each room/space paying attention to tips and tricks we can apply to make spaces larger, brighter and more liveable.

If you have attended our Intro session, or already have some prior knowledge and want to gain more in-depth knowledge then this is the course for you.

• Tips for individual spaces and rooms to create larger spaces with more functionality.
• A look at new interior fashions and favoured colour schemes for this year.
• Focal Points, Spatial awareness including space delineation in further detail.
• Lighting both artificial and natural.
• Colour Schemes, Furnishings, Accessorising.

By the end of the workshop, students should be able to:
• Competently prepare their property either for sale or to live in that is both functional and attractive.
• Apply tips and tricks to create more space and appeal.
• Understand layout, simplicity and where to place emphasis in a room.
• The importance of functionality.
• Understand how lighting effects colour and creating focal points

$57 Limited inc GST
Property Styling for Living and Selling – 2

<p><p style="font-size: 125%; color: red;"> Enrol in both Property Styling Part 1 and Part 2 and receive a <strong style >DISCOUNT! </strong style >See below </p></p><p><p style="font-size: 90%; color


Early Bird Fee: ends 2 weeks prior to course start date. Price will then rise to $68!

Please bring a note pad and pen.

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Course testimonials:

  • The small numbers made it easy to interact
  • Enjoyed the course very much. Instructor very knowledgeable and well set up for the class.