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Social Enterprises

About the workshop

Delivered with the support of City of Parramatta, this workshop focuses on what a social enterprise is, it’s structure and how it can make a contribution to the community while still maintaing a viable business idea.

Learning outcomes

Brief discussion on social enterprises – a commercially viable organisation focused on helping the community
* There is a growing need to strengthen the relationships between commercial sectors and social business sectors and this need is being felt globally.

Set ups – how and what type of structure (Give examples of current companyies)

Who governs them -
* Governing bodies, committees, tendering for grants as a private company, structure required for grant applications, business plans, strategic direction who should be involved

What’s your purpose, constitution, tax implications, where does the profit go, back to the community or invested in the company to provide better programs/products for the community

Reward – often a lot more than the dollars

Is your idea already in action? Could you partner with another enterprise and both specialise for the bigger picture – e.g. your business could provide services for the NDIS?
* Government agencies are looking more towards partnering organisations than funding one particular org.

Can you be a socially viable enterprise and be a for profit?

Sustainability of the social enterprise – now more than ever communities and people are seeking eco friendly products and organisations that have an eco and social commitment – more than a financial report stakeholders are asking what you are doing for the environment

* is your idea something that is really wanted?
* how will it help the community, environment etc?

* do they share the same values and future plans, are they part of the strategic direction?

Do you follow through with your values with your staff – looking after mental health of your people?

Learning strategy

This workshop will be delivered in a classroom environemtn led by an industry expert. The total duration of the workshop is 2 hours covering the above learning outcomes through theories and business case analysis.

Assessment strategy

As this workshop is non-accredited in nature, there will be no assessments involved.


The presenter for this workshop will be from CIB Leading Accountants & Business Advisers

Venue information

The workshop will be delivered at Western Sydney Skills Hub of the Parramatta College on Level 2, Suite 34, 410 Church St, North Parramatta, NSW 2151

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.