Short Story Workshop Parramatta College

Short Story Workshop

We all know when we’ve read a great short story. It lingers with us long after we’ve finished reading. But how do you write one? What are the elements that make up a compelling piece of short fiction, preferably one that will make competition judges sit up and take notice?

In this workshop, award-winning short story writer, Jo Riccioni, will break down the ingredients of the best short stories, offering you the tools to create or improve your own short fiction.

Award winning author Jo Riccioni will be running this practical workshop

• How do stories differ from novels?
• Where do ideas come from?
• Types of short fiction
• Narrative voice
• Characterisation and dialogue
• Conflict and tension
• Settings, themes and motifs
• Killer endings
• Submitting to competitions

Students will need to bring a pencil and some paper

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.

Course testimonials:

  • The fact anyone can write stories. All it requires is being creative
  • It was a small group and it meant that we all got to contribute our points without being shy.