WordPress – Use SEO to Increase Web Views Parramatta College

WordPress – Use SEO to Increase Web Views

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Learn all about WordPress SEO to get more views and traffic to your blog or website. You’ve got great content, so now get the clicks! So you’ve spent time and effort putting your site together. It looks fantastic but the problem is no one is visiting it! What you need is SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. You could spend a motza and get an expert in to advise you, but the good news is that if you have built your site with WordPress it has some great SEO plugins.

WordPress has taken the web design world by storm, and it has become one of the most popular ways of creating a website or blog. Why? Because it’s easy to learn, and free to use with a flexible content management system.

Our tutor will show you how to add these easy to use SEO plugins to your WordPress website, as well as how to generate traffic to your website.

So come along to our course and learn how to get people clicking on your website!

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.