Pool | Holroyd School Parramatta College


Room Directions

There are 2 pools, we usually use the bigger pool (also sometimes referred to the outdoor pool because it used to be outdoors but now is enclosed). It is heated to around 32 degrees.

The smaller pool is shallower (approx waist height) and warmer than the bigger pool. It is heated to around 35 degrees.

Sometimes we use both pools, as the tutor can stand between both if she wishes, but if we can’t use both then we usually use the bigger pool which is deeper (around shoulder height, though it has a shallow end and deeper end).

Next to the small pool there is also a tiny pool, but that is just a wading pool (for babies about 8 inches deep)

See aquafitness course for more details.

Holroyd School

Willara Ave
Merrylands 2160

Site Directions

If going to the pool, students should use the school’s carpark on Lowana Ave. (the carpark is free)

Please see map and photo below