Terms and Conditions Parramatta College

Terms and Conditions


We email or post a letter of confirmation when we accept your enrolment. Please keep it as a reminder of the date and location of your course.

Extra Costs

Fees cover teaching only. For some classes you may have to buy books or materials. If you need them for the first lesson they are usually listed in the brochure.pa

Parramatta Community College is not responsible for books or materials you purchase for a course.


Except where courses are marked “No Concession”, the College offers discounts to some people in the community – pensioners are eligible for a 20% discount and Centrelink Health Care Card & NSW Seniors Card holders can apply for a 10% discount on courses. YOU CAN NOT CLAIM THE DISCOUNT IF ENROLLING ONLINE VIA THIS WEBSITE. CALL US ON 9687 2072 TO ENROL WITH A CONCESSION. You must present your Pension, Centrelink Health Care or Seniors card if requested. You cannot claim more than one concession for any course. You must request the concession at the time of enrolment. Referring agencies can not claim discounts.

Cancellation of Courses

Classes with too few enrolments may be cancelled. Please make sure you give us a daytime, voicemail or answering machine phone number, or email address, so that we can contact you if your class is cancelled.


If you have a complaint about any matter relating to the College, contact the CEO on 9687 2072 or admin@pcc.edu.au. If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, please contact Australian Skills Quality Authority www.asqa.gov.au for accredited courses. For any other service we provide, you can lodge a complaint with the NSW Office of Fair Trading on 13 3220 or www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au. Type Complaint in the Search box.


If Parramatta Community College cancel a course prior to commencement or cease to deliver it after commencement, you can choose a transfer to another course, a credit for the next term or a full refund. If you choose a refund, you will receive a cheque or a credit back to your credit card within ten working days. If you choose a transfer to another course in the same or next term, any di fference in fee between the two courses will be adjusted by a partial refund from the College, or an additional payment by the student.

We may issue a credit for serious illness if you send a written request and a medical certificate. An administration fee of $15 per course will apply. Students enrolled through PaySmart will be charged an additional $15 to cover additional administration costs. We will not refund your fee if you decide not to attend the course because of a change in your personal circumstances.

We reserve the right to alter courses if changes will improve students' learning or achievement of competencies.

You participate at your own risk

By enrolling you agree that you will be participating at your own risk and that the College does not accept responsibility for misadventure or loss.

Students with Disabilities

If you have a disability or an illness that we need to know about to help you learn, please tell us when you enrol, or tell your teacher. We will do what we can to assist. If you are eligible for a Companion Card, your carer or companion can enrol for free.

Students who need help with reading and writing

If you need help with reading, writing or English, please tell us when you enrol, or tell your teacher. We will do what we can to assist.

Referring Agencies

Referring agencies such as employment services agencies or rehabilitation providers who fund a course fee are not able to claim any concessions or discounts.

The College will not release information about the participation or achievement of students to referring agencies without the student’s written permission. Click below for a Student Consent to Release Information form.


Your personal details are kept in secure electronic and hard copy format.

We use your contact details when we need to contact you about your course and to inform you about upcoming courses and activities. We will provide you, on written request, with access to your own records.

We will not disclose personal information we collect from you to a third party, without your written permission, except where it is required:

  • By ACE Services NSW and National Centre for Vocational and Education Research (NCVER) ask us to submit contact details about students so they can send out surveys. If you do not want us to submit your contact details to these agencies, please Email Us.
  • To send course information to you.
  • For other reasons allowed by the Privacy Principles, including threats to health and safety, and disclosure to relevant authorities in the case of suspected unlawful activity.

Harassment, Victimisation and Bullying

All staff members and all students at Parramatta Community College have a right to be free from sexual, physical and verbal harassment and victimisation.

If you know about any incidents or have any concerns, please contact the CEO at the College office.

Minimum Age – No Children

The minimum age for our students is 15 years. Children are not allowed to accompany students to classes unless the design of the class specifically includes children.

No Smoking

No Smoking on school grounds.

Website Security

The College uses SSL 256 bit encryption on all parts of this web site where confidential data is transmitted such as student details or credit card information. The College transmits credit card information to Westpac bank for processing via a gateway provided by PaymentExpress. All such data is encrypted in transmission.


We evaluate courses to help improve or modify them. We will ask you about:

  • What you learned
  • The skills of the trainer
  • The facilities
  • Whether you would recommend the course to others
  • Whether the office staff were helpful

We usually hand out evaluation sheets at the end of the course. You do not have to write your name on the evaluation form.


All of our course promotion accurately reflects course content and qualifications. We do not intentionally make vague, misleading or ambiguous statements about courses, teachers, other providers, the College or any other matter which could mislead students. We publish a course guide four times a year.

Work Health and Safety

Your teacher will talk to you about safety in your subject. The teacher will also check the room before each lesson to ensure that it is safe to use. If you have any concerns or suggestions about WHS talk to your teacher or the Program Manager.


Your teacher will talk to you about emergency evacuation procedures during the first lesson. Get to know the nearest exits.

Accredited Courses

Parramatta Community College is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) under the jurisdiction of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Our national provider number is 90276. You will find more information about the College and our courses on this website. You can also visit www.training.gov.au to see the details of our scope of registration.

Student Identification

If your course is accredited we will ask for your full name for the certificate or statement of attainment. We will also ask to see your drivers license, passport or birth certificate and to record the number. Please bring one of these documents to your first class. This is a requirement of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), our registering body.


Students in accredited courses are assessed against the units of competency or modules that the course is based on. Your trainer will tell you more about assessment at the beginning of the course.

The College follows the assessment guidelines set out in Clause 1.8 of Standard 1 under Standards for RTOs 2015, regulated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) to make sure assessments are valid, reliable, flexible and fair.

Assessments should take your needs into account. For example, if you have a disability or literacy problems, talk to your trainer.


Some of our courses have pre-requisites – skills or knowledge or residency status you need to have to be able to do the class. Sometimes we will ask for evidence that you meet the pre-requisite – perhaps a skill, knowledge or certain residency status.

Sometimes we don’t ask for evidence, but the course is conducted assuming you meet the pre-requisite. For example, computer courses might be listed in the course guide with a statement like “Before you enrol you must be able to: …”. If you can’t perform the listed tasks confidently, you shouldn’t enrol in the course.


Most of our accredited ‘courses’ are aligned with one or more units of competency from a qualification within our scope of registration. Students are issued with:

  • a Statement of Attainment for the units of competency they have successfully completed
  • a Certificate for the full qualification provided they have fulfilled the competency requirements of that qualification.

Mutual recognition

Parramatta Community College recognises Statements of Attainment and Certificates issued by other Registered Training Organisations (RTO). This means, for example, that if you have achieved part of a qualification at another RTO, and you want to complete the qualification, we will recognise the Statements or Certificates you present to us. We may, however, want to verify that they are legitimate.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

You may be able to get credit for previous study, experience or work skills. You will need to provide evidence against the workplace competencies or learning outcomes. If you feel you have the necessary skills and experience to claim RPL please contact the College for more information on 9687 2072 or Email Us.


You have 3 months from the date of your assessment to appeal against your assessment result. To lodge an appeal, contact our Program Manager or the Principal. We will contact you within 7 days to discuss your appeal and, if appropriate, negotiate reassessment. You will get written feedback on your appeal.

Trainer Qualifications

Course curricula and Training Packages set out the minimum qualifications and experience that trainers must have. All our trainers have at least the minimum qualifications needed. We run staff development training at least once a year to keep trainers up to date as adult educators. Most of our trainers have current industry experience because they work in the industry in which they train.

Record Keeping

We keep records of student attendance and achievement in accredited courses for 30 years. If you or someone else wants to see your records or discuss your participation, you must give permission in writing. Click below for a Student Consent to Release Information form.

Replacing a Lost Document

If your Certificate or Statement of Attainment is lost or damaged, you can request a copy or replacement document. You will need to identify yourself before we can process your request. Copies are free but replacements are $50. Click below for a Request for replacement or copy of certificate form.