SHB30121 - Certificate III in Beauty Services Parramatta College

SHB30121 - Certificate III in Beauty Services

Have you been thinking about changing careers or perhaps you’d like to upskill and broaden your knowledge of the beauty industry. If your searching for a new and exciting challenge to any of the above, PCC Beauty Academy is the place for you.

This qualification reflects the role of individuals employed as beauticians to provide a range of beauty services including nail, waxing, lash and brow, and basic make-up services. This includes client consultation on beauty products and services. Work is typically conducted in beauty, waxing, brow and nail salons. The skills in this qualification must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State or Territory legislation, Australian standards and industry codes of practice.

This qualification will be delivered in our PCC Beauty Academy by a qualified industry skilled trainer at  – 410 Church St, Level 3, North Parramatta, NSW 2151. 

Entry Requirements
Whilst there are no entry requirements for this qualification, it is expected that you have adequate language, literacy and numeracy skills and computer skills to be able to interact with peers, trainers and completing assessments using a computer either in the classroom, at home or at your workplace. Moreover, the course covers all aspects of engaging customer, maintaining daily operations, and delivering on customer expectations.

This course includes the following units of competency:
18 units are required to achieve the full qualification, which consists of 14 core unit and 3 elective units. 

This qualification will be delivered in our PCC Beauty Academy by a qualified industry skilled trainer 4 days per week at  – 410 Church St, Level 3, North Parramatta, NSW 2151. 

Assessment Strategies
Assessments for this qualification include both formative and summative assessments which involve a variety of activities including knowledge questions, case studies, presentations, projects, demonstration, observations etc. All participants will be supported by our qualified and skilled team throughout their learning journey.

Resource Requirements
Learner manuals will be provided at no further cost than the course fee. This course requires the use of computer and internet either in the classroom or at the students' home or workplace to research the relevant legislations, industry standards and to develop relevant workplace documents.

What if I find that the course is not suitable for me?
Our enrolment and refund policy is available in our Student Handbook. You can access the Student Handbook by visiting our website or you can contact us on 02 96872072 or email to  for a copy of the Student Handbook. We strongly advise you to read the course information to see if you will benefit from this course, the units of competency covered and delivery and assessment strategies. You can also contact us if you have any other questions that you need to ask before deciding to enrol.

How much work is involved in completing the course?
Please note assessments for this course involve significant work both during and after the sessions. 10 to 15 hours of study is expected every week. You will have maximum of two attempts to submit your assessments in each unit of competency. If you are considered Not Yet Competent after the second submission, you may choose to undertake a gap tutorial, which will attract further fee.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
If you believe you already have skills and experience relevant to the competencies of this course, please let the trainer know for a recognition. Please note that applying for RPL may not automatically result in the issuing of the skill set. In case of any gaps found, you will be advised of those gaps and asked to provide further evidence against your RPL claim. If you are still considered Not Yet Competent (NYC), you may be offered a tutorial for those gaps, which will incur further cost.

Course Fee: $6,450 (kits and books not included in price)

Competency outcome
On successful completion of all the assessments, you will be awarded with an AQF Certificate from SHB30121 - Certificate III in Beauty Services.

More information
Please feel free to contact our friendly enrolment officers on 02 9687 2072 to discuss more about the course or send an email to  If you would like to talk to an expert, please reach out to our Course Coordinator Esther Kelly at

Assessments are made against units of competency from the Certificate III in Beauty Services SHB30121.
  • Sell to the retail customer (SIRXSLS001)
  • Design and apply make-up for photography (SHBBMUP010)
  • Greet and prepare clients for salon services (SHBXCCS009)
  • Conduct salon financial transactions (SHBXCCS007)
  • Research and apply beauty industry information (SHBBRES003)
  • Design and apply make-up (SHBBMUP009)
  • Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices (SHBXWHS003)
  • Use electric file equipment for nail services (SHBBNLS011)
  • Maintain infection control standards (SHBBINF002)
  • Provide manicure and pedicare services (SHBBNLS007)
  • Provide lash and brow services (SHBBFAS004)
  • Provide waxing services (SHBBHRS010)
  • Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment (SHBXIND003)
  • Apply cosmetic tanning products (SHBBBOS007)
  • Advise on beauty products and services (SHBBCCS005)
  • Provide salon services to clients (SHBXCCS008)
  • Maintain ethical and professional standards when using social media and online platforms (SIRXOSM002)
  • Design and apply remedial camouflage make-up (SHBBMUP011)

This course has no current classes. Please the waiting list.